10X Transformation Workshops

10X Sales & Customer Ecosystems

Be future-ready. Adopt a mix of fast-exploding concepts like business-2-everyone, dynamic community, multi-facet marketplaces, value-chain, micro-sites, productivity automation, portals, borderless offerings, and more...

Resilient & Agile Enterprise

Succeed in hyper-competitive & uncertain world. Build multi-skilled teams, flexible supply chains, modular products, configurable systems, low break-even, reduced concentration risks, variable expense, and more

Exponential Multi-Channel Business

Building greater diversity of sales channels to reach maximum customers in shortest possible time. Use Direct sales, 3rd party distributors, Direct to Retailers, Referrers, Digital, Strategic Alliances, Key Accounts and more…

Entrepreneurial Organization

Build highly accountable leaders of hyper-competitive & disruptive world who demonstrate tenacity in adversity, embrace uncertainties, driving change, are digitization-savvy, cash-focused, Agility & flexibility and more..

Product Excellence & USPs

Move from 'Sales-driven' to 'product-driven' organization through better product-development life-cycle, product building-blocks, smart bundling, customer co-creation, product digitization, product-as-a-service and more...

High-margin profitable business

Significantly improve your bottom-line through multi-pronged approach of high-margin targeting, smart bundling, profitable add-ons, channel alignment, profit-based allocations, margin-drive scale-up & more…

Why 10X Transformation Workshops

  • 1000-5000% ROI
  • Future-readiness for hyper-competition
  • Scalability for high-growth business
  • Entrepreneurial leadership for uncertainty
  • Resilience & flexibility for disruptions
  • Enterprise Alignment for 10X growth
  • Time-Bound & measurable success

5-Level Make-it-Happen Approach

Pre Workshop- Preparation

  • Kick-Start Session to build audience commitment & purpose
  • Diagnostics across 100+ factors for clarity on strengths & weaknesses
  • Pre-Work for audience to identify opportunities & challenges to achieve success
  • Pre-Work for the audience to identify opportunities & challenges to achieve success

In Workshop- Actionable Knowledge

  • Latest & future ready business models curated from deep research & 500+ CxO network
  • Best practices & actionable insights to help build transformation road-map suited to your context
  • Force-multiplier tools & platforms which are critical for scale-up
  • Change management approach to achieve time-bound and measurable success
  • Leadership imperatives and shifts needed for 10X transformation

In Workshop- Transformation 2X Blueprint

  • Top-5 projects (What, Who, When) to achieve 2X objective
  • Tools & capabilities upgrade plan
  • Training & development plan for your teams
  • Water-Fall month-by-month/Quarter by Quarter targets
  • 100% Alignment, commitment and sign-off from audience to make it happen

Post Workshop- Tools & Guides

  • Ultimate guides with step-by-step details on the bootcamp subjects
  • Plug-n-play templates to organize yourself from day 1
  • Digital platforms evaluation criteria and implementation approach
  • Periodic updates on best practices

Post Workshop- Coaching

  • Leadership Executive Coaching
  • Transformation blueprint monitoring
  • CxO/CEO Monthly Webinar