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Our framework

10X SPEAR for 10X Enterprises

Fail-safe system to deliver 10X growth & profits

10X Strategic Strength

Maximize Shareholder Value of robust business

10X Performance

Maximize Human Resources and leadership

10X Ecosystems

Maximize Process and technology

10X Customer Acquisition

Maximize getting new clients & partners

10X Relationship Value

Maximize existing Customer and channel value

Our services

Bootcamp- Grow by 2X+ in 1 Year Blueprint

2X+ in 1 boot-camp is our flagship 10X SPEAR product. In this intense engagement, we co-create with you, a fail-safe blueprint for 100%+ business growth within 12 months. Using our pre-defined best-practice building-blocks, we help you achieve which would have taken months to accomplish.  

High-Impact Workshops

Take the benefit of vast expertise within a span of a few hours. We conduct high-impact 1-2 day workshops focused on a specific mission-critical objective. With a combination of diagnostics, brainstorming, best-practice-formats, and scenario-analysis, these workshops deliver highly actionable & co-owned game-plan. 

10X Execution designs

Our 10X Execution design engagements deliver ‘ready to implement’ details including micro-actions, formats, procedures, functional specs, commercials, and granular plans down to the last-mile of your enterprise.  In essence, we take you down the path of success, where you just have to go ahead and deploy.

Our testimonials


Anamitra Roy

CIO- IFFCO Group Sharjah

Mr. Rajan has been with us on two occasions. First, they conducted workshops to help us reduce our technology cost and to establish mechanisms for us to become an efficient and low-overhead enabler to business. Thereafter they worked on framing contracts and vendor engagement solutions for our ERP initiative, which spanned across the entire IFFCO group. We commend their subject matter knowledge and their ability to successfully apply in our context.


Shekhar Singal

MD- Eastman Auto and Power

Make 10X Happen worked with us on two engagement. In their first engagement, they worked on SalesForce transformation. Sales Channel Network expansion was a big challenge, and they established systematic processes and monitoring mechanisms to drive results. They provided holistic solutions including sales compensation, new channel appointment schemes, credit policies, and channel activation standards. Their second engagement was to help us with manufacturing excellence, where they helped us develop a strong production capacity. They worked on all aspects of manufacturing including quality, compliance, manpower, supply-chain, maintenance, and planning.

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Pramod Krishnamurthy

CxO- Fullerton India

Rajan and his team worked with us on the Receivables & Collections management initiative. I have to say that they are exceptional in their approach and energy to fix tough challenges. They not only helped us in a quick improvement in our payment collections but also helped us successfully automated our collections processes. They established a make-it-happen war-room which has become a defacto standard for driving strategic changes. We wish them all the best.


Sharad Agarwal

Head of Technology & Operations Excellence- Religare

Make-it-Happen solutions were associated with us for more than 18 months, and in this period, they have helped us significantly increase the effectiveness of our sales.  They have provided us with the SalesForce Effectiveness (SFE) system, and provide us with many tools and best practices to make it happen for us. Their team has shown a high degree of commitment and persistence to reorient our sales force from being a group of individuals to a well-organized and co-ordinated workforce.


Alok Aggarwal

MD- Ozone India

Mr. Rajan have helped us transformed our sales function, within 3 months. Their focused approach, deep experience, and commitment to the project are exemplary. They have opened up our thought process and perspective to find better ideas for sales-growth and redefine our priorities. They bring in a unique capability of strategic thinking and hard-nosed execution.

kultar singh

Kultar Singh

Vice President- JRS Farmparts & Scaffolds

Mr. Rajan helped us to turnaround our business when our revenue and profits were falling. He coached us on all aspects of our business including sales, finance, and production. He helped in keeping the team together in tough times and help us to maintain our faith. Within 12 months of the engagement, he developed a lot of process orientation and professionalism, which helped us to grow systematically.